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A Family of Artists Creating Art for Families.™ “Everything’s better when we stick together.™”
Sticky Rice Stories is a collaborative effort created by the married artistic duo Melissa & Artist Daniel Quiñones. Beautiful stories focusing on early education, faith-building,
identity strengthening, and family connecting.

Melissa Leslie- Quiñones

Identity, diversity and unity are the focus of Author/Illustrator, Melissa Leslie-Quinones’s children’s books. Her works are geared towards empowering families to know their value and purpose through character building, historic education and linguistic growth with a focus on Filipino heritage.

She pushed pause on creating oil paintings and fashion design for the industry to her real life allegory of storytelling and the greatest call of motherhood.

Daniel Quiñones

Artist Daniel Quinones is an Artist, Designer, Children's & Comic book Illustrator, Motion Designer, Animator, Commercials, Photographer, Filmmaker, etc.


He has been creating across several different industries such as music, film, animation, cars, entertainment, cartoons and more.


He has worked as an Art Director, Graphic designer and fashion designer for global companies such as: Disney, Ford, Nike, Harley Davidson to name a few.

His character Love Roboughty is part of Sticky Rice Stories which is a collaborative effort created by the married artistic duo Melissa & Daniel Quinones. Beautiful stories focusing on early education, faith building, identity strengthening, and family connecting.


Jennifer Marie Crutchfield

Jennifer Marie Crutchfield, is a Swedish-American, singer-songwriter originally from the north of Sweden, currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a female solo artist with a contemporary spiritual, indie pop and urban sound. Jennifer Marie just released her latest song and video for ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ inspired by the heartbreaking loss of a loved one.


Jennifer Marie’s ability to recognize voices and emulate sounds started early. She was exposed to top 40 radio and she loved listening to her mother sing and hearing records by the Beatles, Gloria Estefan, Sade, ABBA, Robyn, Mariah Carey, Whitney Huston, and more. At the age of 14 she started writing her own music. Jennifer Marie has always strived to be an artist with integrity and depth and has been creating and working independently with people she loves for most of her career.


Chris Crutchfield is a versatile multi-talented storyteller, musician, producer, and artist. Fusing comedy with hi-end artistry, Chris is the owner of Crutchfield & Company, with clients that include Google, Lady Gaga, Disney+, ESPN, and many more. 


From motion graphics, to editorial, commercial, to narrative storytelling, there exists no limit or stagnation to his imagination, and his videos bear witness to that with very fun, often very colorful palettes.


Lydia Crutchfield

Life has offered Lydia many lessons she has found very valuable.  She has embraced and truly cherishes these life lessons, imparting them graciously to those she loves, essentially including anyone who comes into her presence.  She is knowledgeable and trained in the areas of healthcare and life coaching, while relationship-building comes naturally.  Lydia has extensive leadership experience and solid communication skills, both cloaked in a strong work ethic. She loves to mentor the young and give of her time to the elderly. Her love for humor will always keep a smile on her face as her heart beats to help others. 

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