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The Filipino Project Patreon - Now Live!!!

Ok here it is guys! I had putting off Patreon for years. And the reason for that is because I didn’t feel like I had enough of a track record to show my work and dedication to children’s books since I had spent well over 25 years in the art, fashion and entertainment industries. But when I made a commitment back in 2014 to create children’s books and goods I meant it. I don’t like the idea of people supporting me just to doodle away without a cause or project that showed the level of detail and research but as we come upon SRS 10year anniversary I was willing to look over my work and see the consistency and vision rhythmically unify and so it is my great honor and pleasure to finally release my Patreon page where I give behind the scenes glimpses, personal family projects and updates on all things I create for The Filipino Project. This project has already plenty of intricacies published as well as coming down the pipeline for release booked out to 2025. Currently I am thrilled to announce that we are taking my Kumusta Baby series to the next level in an animated feature film to be presented as my second KS campaign this October!

It is one of the pinnacle pieces to complete one of the chapters as seen in detail on SRS.

As most of you know I am a mother and so my time is very sculpted out to complete each chapter and with your support I can finish these in a timely manner. I have no enterprise or movie house backing my work but because of previous support and solidarity I have seen the desire for these works to progress! So without further a due I present my Patreon, a place you can simply support knowing what will be produced, my track record and commitment to The Filipino Project as listed in detail on SRS.

Again I humbly thank you for your continued support efforts and encouragement! Maraming Salamat Pamilya!

Sincerely-Melissa Leslie

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