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"Kumusta Baby! The Movie"

Updated: Sep 18

Kickstarter Campaign launching Tuesday, October 3rd!

Imagine Daniel Tiger meets Disney in Sticky Rice Stories's first animated feature film!

Experience life through the eyes of a child in this heartwarming animated storybook featuring a Filipino- American family who will go to the ends of the earth to discover the most important thing…The Spirit of Bayanihan.

This is our second Kickstarter campaign with the first being a success! Our passion to bridge our Filipino families across the diaspora is growing passionately and so it is only natural as storytellers to push ourselves for the next generation. We have put out previous pronunciation animations and would love this to be our next step in the "Kumusta Baby!" series but we have never attempted an animation at this length and width before.

We throughly enjoy working with our core team of talent that has worked in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 20 years from Disney to ESPN to Nike. However we are also looking for Filipino talent to elevate this film as well!

Our Filipino community of subscribers and street team has greatly increased since the first campaign in 2019 and it's only growing deeper and higher!

Would you be a part of rebuilding broken language bridges for Filipino Families in the great diaspora?

I hope you will!

Kickstarter Campaign launching October 1st!

If you want to be a part of this digitally, I would love to receive and post a video of yourself calling others to action! If this is you reach out to us here.

Here's a template for endorsement

Who you are

What this movie will be about

Why this project is important to you and/or the next generation

Please pass this along to others who value Pamilya, Bayaniahan and the Filipino culture! Thank you, Maraming Salamat! ~Melissa Leslie Q

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