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A Family of Artists Creating Art for Families.

“Everything’s better when we stick together.”™

Animations for kids - Children's book illustrations - Safe, Fun kids learning


Melissa & Daniel Quiñones

“A Family of artist creating art for families.™”

Daniel & Melissa Quiñones are a collaborative married artistic duo that created Sticky Rice Stories which creates beautiful stories focusing on early education, faith-building, identity strengthening, and family connecting.


With the combined experiences working for companies such as Disney, Ford, Nike etc. and working in different industries such as the educational system, entertainment, fashion, and marketing industries they embarked on filling a void they felt needed to be filled for their daughters. Safe and fun learning should not compromise the quality of art and production nor should it affect the ability to maintain the values of a wholesome family structure built on faith in Jesus Christ / Yeshua Abba.


We are a small independent

family-owned business spreading safe, faith-building, identity strengthening, and family connecting lessons for kids.

Please consider supporting us by sharing or buying some products to keep us creating, growing and spreading.



"The inception of the books created using Love Roboughty was my first born "Poetica Pearl Quinones". After having her I wanted to teach her as she grew through my art. Now the books teach my children as they grow and I hope it does the same for others.


From early education to life lessons I try and teach it all and keep up with how fast my family is learning. I wrap up all this learning in a cute robot, whimsical worlds, vibrant colors and fun characters. This makes learning exciting, fun and adventurous which is how I see learning should be.


Its such a blessing to watch them grow already, learning from these books it brings such joy to my heart" - Artist Daniel Quinones 

Love Roboughty is part of Sticky Rice Stories which is a collaborative effort created by the married artistic duo Melissa & Daniel Quinones. Beautiful stories focusing on early education, faith building, identity strengthening, and family connecting.

“Everything’s better when we stick together.™”



The Story of
Love Roboughty
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